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It amazed me as a 3-year-old child when my father used to videotape me and let me view myself on TV acting silly. He was the first person that I had ever seen with a video camera. By the age of 15, my parents brought me my first video camera for Christmas and that is the monumental moment that started it all. I began recording everything; family events, cookouts, family reunions and birthday parties. I shot my first wedding when a best friend of mine was getting married and didn’t have a videographer. I offered to do the job. When the video was finished everyone was impressed by what a great job I had done. I was ready to take it a step higher and the rest is history.

I began my career as a professional videographer in 1999 when I changed my major at Norfolk State University from Music Media to Mass Communications General Broadcasting. Shortly after I changed my major, I met photographer Kelvin Oliver who also had been shooting professionally for quite sometime. He took me under his wing as a student and provided me with professional training in shooting weddings. I was soon able to save up enough money to purchase my first professional digital video camera; which was a DSR 250 Sony DVCAM. I learned how to edit my videos in college using Adobe Premiere 2.0. I have since upgraded to using a Panasonic HVX 200 and continue to advance and gain experience utilizing new technology and equipment.